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Free Shipping and More Products!

For orders over $150, we now offer free shipping to the US and Canada!

We’ve also added more products to our store, including unprogrammed switches, dimmers, plugs and RF Bridges at a great price point (comes with original Tuya/Sonoff firmware, but they are ESP-based and Tasmota compatible). We also have Raspberry Pi 4’s, USB-C power supplies, Argon One M.2 cases, and M.2 SATA SSD’s.

Welcome to Virage!

At Virage Laboratories, our vision is to bring Home Automation to everyone by creating easy to use, secure and private hardware and software.

What do we mean by secure and private? Everyone has heard about leaks of personal data from this or that company – cases where people’s private information was being stored on a cloud server, and was accessed by someone who wasn’t supposed to.

All Virage devices are locally processed, which means your private information never leaves your house unless you want it to. When you turn on a device, the command and related information stays on systems and devices that are within your control. This eliminates the risk of your data being breached at a cloud provider, ensuring your privacy.
Our product line consists of the VirageHub, which manages and controls the devices on your network, as well as a collection of switches, dimmers, outlets and sensors to let you monitor and control everything in your home. Our hub and all of our products provide out-of-the-box compatibility with a range of open-source Home Automation hub software, including Home Assistant, Domoticz and OpenHab, leaving the choice of systems up to you. All of our devices use open-source firmware, and are ETL certified in the US and Canada for safety. We invite you to check out our store, where you can see (and hopefully buy!) our range of products.

Thanks for coming to look at our site, and we hope you find something you love while you’re here.